The Captain's Cabin

This is a NEW Section that you will not find in the H.M.S. Fly plans. "The Captain's Cabin" is where you can add an awsum upgrade to your build. With detailed help and modeling techniques from a fellow builder (Lloyd Matthews) we will show you how to add fine detail to this section.

IMPORTANT NOTE: No responsibility can be taken for the advice given in these guidance notes. They have been written in good faith for fellow modellers who are looking to do something different and challenging.

Please do not start this modification unless there is a clear understanding of how it is going to be achieved. This author found that making trial mock-ups was essential prior to modifying the actual kit.

The section "Starting the Hull" is where the plans start if you are doing the "Kit Build", otherwise read on....

Before you start: If you intend to do this section you will need to consider a hull change to accommodate the fibre optics in the vicinity of the Captains Cabin. If you intend to do this section view the attached notes “Please Read Before You Start” as they will give a brief overview of the proposed changes.

The notes and ideas below are not set in stone and should only be used as a guide, you may even find a better way to produce the same effect. This is all about Scratch Modeling and Scratch model building is all about utilizing the raw materials that are available in any given situation.

I wish to give FULL credit here to Lloyd Matthews who has supplied all the necessary notes and pictures to this section.

Where to Start?

Just follow the links below and we will guide you through the process.

Start here:

1.) How to do the " Hull Modifications"

Need a PDF Here it is: Hull Modifications PDF

Also you will need to look here, Gun Port Patterns, for information on fitting the Captain's Cabin windows and the fibre optic cable.

2.) Gun Port Patterns

3.) How to scratch build the "Oil Lamp" ©

Need a PDF Here it is: Oil Lamp/Lantern PDF

4.) How to scratch build the "Candle Lantern" ©

Need a PDF Here it is: Candle Lantern PDF

5.) How to scratch build the "Candle Stand" ©

Need a PDF Here it is: Candle Stand PDF

See the finished Candle Stand on YouTube

6.) How to scratch build a "Brodie Stove" ©

See the finished "Brodie Stove" on YouTube

7.) Stern Windows

8.) Forecastle Bulkhead

See the finished "Bulkhead Doors" on YouTube

9.) Cabin Partitions

See the finished "Bulkhead Doors" on YouTube

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