Preparing the Yards

All yards and stunsail booms should be made up to the dimensions shown on the yard drawings using the appropriate sizes of dowel supplied in the kit.  Plane or file the yards octagonal and then mark the centre of each yard.  The centre of the yards remains octagonal and the last third of each end is tapered to the dimensions shown in the yard plan sheet.

Drill and glue the stunsail boom brackets (180 & 280) in place on the lower and topsail yards of the fore and main mast to the positions shown.  Do not insert the stunsail booms through their brackets until the yards have been painted.  Make up the yard and sling cleats using 1 x 2mm walnut strip cut to size, as shown.

Mark and drill the holes for the foot rope stirrups that are located on the underside of the yard using a 0.5mm drill bitt.  The stirrups are simulated by using the fine brass wire provided. Cut each stirrup to a length of about 20mm. Make a small loop (using a pair of tweezers to manipulate the wire) in one end for the footrope to thread through.  Glue and insert the stirrups into their respective slots in the yard so that each stirrup has an exposed length of approximately 14 or 15mm.  The stirrup "ties" can be simulated by tying 0.25mm (stained black) thread once around the yard at the position of the stirrups.

All of the yards should be painted black, including the mizzen driver and boom. (Although some captains painted the mizzen boom yellow/ochre at this time.)

Tie the footropes to the ends of the yards using 0.5mm black thread. Thread them through the loops at the ends of each stirrup. Secure the inner end to the outer side of the sling cleat on the opposite side of the yard, as shown. Do not tie the thread taut, but leave it a little loose, to simulate the natural hang.
Secure all blocks and brace pendants to the yards as shown on the yard drawings. The spritsail yard, fore and main yard and cross-jack yard are tied to the mast with "trusses" which are simulated with the use of 0.5mm black thread tied as shown.

The remaining yards are tied to the masts with Parral beads and ribs held together by 0.25mm thread pushed through the holes in the beads and ribs and then tied to the mast inside the sling cleats.  The Parral ribs are brass etched parts which should be painted black before removing from their sheet.

The mizzen driver, boom and mizzen topgallant yard are held in place onto the mast with Parral beads.

The fixing of the yards to the masts and subsequently, rigging the yards, can be made a little less awkward by pinning and gluing the yards onto the masts. Drill a 1mm hole to the centre of each yard where it makes contact with the mast and a 1mm hole to the yard position on the mast.  Insert a small length of 1mm brass wire (or a brass pin with the head cut off) into the hole in the yard to act as a securing pin. The yard can then be glued and pinned to the mast, making certain rigging lines easier to apply. When all the yards have been secured to the masts, the three mast sets and bowsprit can be stepped into their corresponding holes in the foredeck, poop deck and forecastle. It is advisable to apply a small amount of PVA glue to each mast before fitting in position. (If the masts are not held in place by a small amount of glue, there is a possibility that they will ‘rotate’ slightly when setting up the shrouds and stays)

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