HMS Fly - Ratlines

Use 0.10mm natural thread for the simulation of the ratlines. Tie them to each shroud with a clove hitch knot only. Use tweezers to manipulate the thread around the shrouds. Leave a small amount of excess thread at each end of the start and finish of each row of ratlines to make the trimming of the ends of the ratlines when complete less awkward. The spacing between each row should be about 5-6mm. Dab on watered down PVA glue the outer ratlines to the shrouds. When all the ratlines are tied stain them by carefully brushing on Indian ink. (Black thread is not used as it is a lot stiffer and is more likely to pull the shrouds out of shape). Before applying the ink, cover the back of the shrouds with paper to ensure no drops of ink are spilt/spattered onto the deck (which ‘will’ happen if not masked off). When the ink has dried it will probably be necessary to pull the ends of the ratlines, to bring the shrouds back to shape as slight shrinking may have occurred whilst the Indian ink dried.

The final task is to trim off the excess thread with a small (and very sharp) pair of scissors.

Chris Watton ©

Thanks Chris. Good point withusing the ink. I had drips on another ship that I had built and had a big problem removing it from the deck. Like Chris said Mask off your Deck!!