Outer Decoration

Before top rail Decal on Side Stern Fascia
Before Top Rail & Window Fitted Top Rail Stern Fascia
Fitted top rail Ouetr Ladder Figurehead
Fitted Top Rail Outer Ladder Figurehead
Ships Bell Pump Hatching Gun Doors
Ships Bell Pump Hatching Gun Doors

For this section you will need the full sized plans. Mark out the upper rails, cut and glue in place (1x2mm walnut strip).

Measure and glue the lower strip using the chesstrees and side fender to gauge the correct distance. I painted the area above black as I was adding the frieze work. (optional but I prefer the look) The frieze work would have been removed prior to the ship setting sail for missions.

Follow the instructions for the next sequence, I found them to be very accurate.

Once all the outer work has been completed you can now fix the stern fascia. I glazed mine and found this gives the most realistic look. However DO NOT use super glue as it will frost the acetate and spoil the look.

At this stage I completed all the decorative strips and fitted the figurehead in place. All these parts were pre-painted and made life allot easier.


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