Painting The Hull Below The Waterline


At this stage, the hull below the waterline can be painted off-white if desired. Before doing so, identify and fix into place the photo-etched rudder hinges (172-180). Mark onto the hull the waterline position as seen on the full size side profile view. It is essential that the hull is completely level on its stand. Mark a line onto the hull the waterline position using an Amati waterline marker or similar. Mask off the area above the waterline and paint the hull bottom. This will take several coats of paint, with sanding in between coats to ensure a smooth surface. Mask off and paint the rudder (24) at this stage too. An alternative to brush painting the hull is to use a can of enamel white spray paint (matt), which is available from any good DIY/Hobby store. If you choose the latter, the entire hull above waterline level, including the deck will require masking off completely.

Finally for this section, a quick note on paints. It is all too tempting to fall for other manufactures claims that their paint is ‘true Navy colours’, the reality is that there is no such thing, so do not be tempted to purchase overpriced paint that claim to be something they most definitely are not. Humbrol/Revell paints or similar are perfectly acceptable for the HMS Fly paint scheme. These paints (and their equivalents) have been, and still are used by the most respected and gifted model makers in the world.

Chris Watton ©

Thank you Chris, a valid point with regard to the paint and as you suggested I took your advice and used Revell paint. It gave a fantastic finish and is far cheaper than other ‘true Navy colours’.