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H.M.S. Fly History

Mistakes and Remedies

The Captains Cabin (This section is not part of the original kit plans)

How to do the " Hull Modifications"

How to build the "Oil Lamp"

How to build the "Candle Lantern"

How to build the "Candle Stand"

How to build the "Forecastle Bulkhead"

Stateroom, Coach and Great Cabin Partitions

Alexander Brodie Galley Stove ( Part 1 of 2)

Starting the Hull

Gun Deck Planking (Method 1 and 2)

Hull - First Planking

Hull - Second Planking

Painting the Hull Below the Waterline

Upper Deck & Planking (includes a detailed look at Riding & Rear Main Mast Bit Assemblies)


Upper Rails and Stern Facia

Firehearth (this is an optional addition to the original plans)

Deck Gratings/Comings (includes a detailed look)

Gun Port Patterns (parts 1 and 2)

Hull - Painting the Hull below the Waterline (Written Instructions)

Wales, Cheeks & Bulwarks

Outer Decoration

Stern Fascia

Cannons & Channels

Deck Fixtures and Fittings

Preparing the Masts

Yards (With written instructions by Chris Watton ©)

Preparing the Blocks etc.

Rigging the Masts - (With written instructions by Chris Watton ©)

Main Rigging (With written instructions by Chris Watton ©)

Ratlines (With written instructions by Chris Watton ©)

Stays (With written instructions by Chris Watton ©)

User Submitted Hints & Tips

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