1.) How to make a "Lathe".

2.) How to make a "Oil Lamp".

3.) How to make a "Candle Lantern".

4.) How to do the " Hull Modifications"

5.) How to scratch build the "Candle Stand"

(See the finished Candle Stand on YouTube)

6.) Detailed Deck Planking Techniques

7.) Airbrush Painting for H.M.S. Fly

Keep an eye out for more tutorials soon.


Video Tutorials


1.) Video clip on applying adhesive with the tool created within the topic "Detailed Deck Planking Techniques".

2.) Here is a vedeo clip showing a method to cut a plank without it breaking or splitting. The tool used was created as part of the Detailed Deck Planking Techniques

3.) Measuring a deck plank video. More details on plank spacing can be found by clicking here.

4.) This video shows how to show `Caulking` on your planks.

5.) A video clip on how to lay the planks.

6.) Varnishing the Gun Deck


Keep an eye out for more tutorials soon.

If you have any ideas for a tutorial please let me know.