Upper Rails & Stern Facia



Using the main full size side profile drawing on the plan sheets, mark the position for the upper rails, which is simply 1x2mm walnut strip that runs in-between the gun port openings. Glue the strip in place using cyano. Once the lowest 1x2mm strip is in place, it is advisable at this stage to paint the area above the lowest rail (1x2mm walnut strip) black if you intend to add the frieze work (Blue if you intend to omit the frieze work) Add the side fenders (129) and chesstrees (130) at this stage to the side of the hull as shown.

Assuming that frieze work will be applied, the following sequence is suggested;
Paint all of the 0.25mm brass etched decoration gold, or ochre. Very carefully cut out the lower frieze work decoration and glue each strip in place along the bottom edge of the lower 1x2mm walnut strip rail. Once complete, add the upper rail (again 1x2mm walnut strip), so that the bottom edge of the upper rail strip is touching the upper edges of the lower decorative strip. Once complete, add the upper 0.25mm brass etched decoration, so that the lower edge of the decoration is sited on the upper edge of the upper rail.
The ‘drift’ rail can now be added. This is simply 1x1mm walnut strip and runs along the top edge of the upper brass etched decoration. The start of the fore and aft rails are pre cut, (85 and 86) and should be added before the 1x1mm walnut strip.

Once complete, add the swivel gun posts (59-64) and the upper quarter deck rail (81) and paint black.

Add the side steps as shown, along with the quarter badges (275 & 276) and lower finishing’s (273 & 274).

Once the main wale and all outer hull work have been fixed in place, the stern fascia (114) can be pinned and glued in place at the stern. If you want to ‘glaze’ the windows (using clear acetate or similar), do this before fixing the fascia in place. The stern window frames (197, 199, 201, 203 and 205) are to be painted ochre before removing from the brass etched sheet and fixed into place.  

The designer’s own recommended method of glazing the windows is as follows;
(Before you start, make sure all paint work is applied to the window frames and fascia, into which the windows are to be placed).
I - Place the pattern with the window frame opening onto the sheet of clear plastic/acetate provided. Carefully draw along the inside edge of the window opening onto the acetate to obtain the template for the correct area of glazing
II - Very carefully glue the (previously painted) photo-etched window frame into the opening for the frame in the stern fascia pattern.

III - Cut out the previously marked window pattern from the clear plastic sheet using a sharp craft knife and straight edge to act as a guide.

IV - Press the cut out window panel into the underside of the frame opening to ensure the fit is correct.

V - Apply a very small amount of epoxy resin (or similar) around the inside of the window frame surface and very carefully push the acetate glazing in place. Do not, under any circumstances use superglue for this job, as it will leave a frosting effect on the clear acetate glazing, ruining the overall effect.

Follow this technique until all stern window frames are fitted with their ‘glazing’

Chris Watton ©