Useful Tools

The number one must have is a understanding wife or partner - you will be on this model for some time

Then you will need:-

Must Have Tools:

Craft Knife(s) with lots of blades.
Stanley Knife.
Selecttion of Needle Files.
Razor Saw.
Small Wood Plain.
Small Electric Drill or Pin Vice.
A Selection of Drill Bits (from 0.5mm to 3mm).
Sanding Block.
Selection of Sand Papers.
Selection of Good Quality Paint Brushes (Hide them from the kids!!).
White Spirit.
Pliers and Wire Cutters (various sizes).
Good Quality Tweezers.
Lamp with a 100w Bulb for Detailed Work.
Dividers or Compass.
Steel Ruler.
Electronic Measuring Gauge (some bits of wood are nearly identical).
Dust Buster (Vacume Cleaner) - you will need it!).
Clamps (orCloths Pegs).
Keel Clamp.
Good Quality Pencils.
Masking Tape.
Stick tape.
Waterline Tool (or make one).
Pin Pusher.
Small Hammer.
Plank Nipper.
Tall Vase or Equivalent for Soaking the Planks.
Modellers Bench Vice.
Large Cutting Mat.
Mini Lathe (great for the masts).

Paints, Stains and Adhesives

White PVA Glue.
Dark Wood Dye (for topmasts and topgallant masts).
Cyanoacrelate (thick and thin).
Indian Ink (black for Ratlines).
Matt Polyurethane Varnish.
3 Tins of Black Paint (Humbrol 85).
1 Tin of White Paint (Humbrol 34).
1 Tin of Blue Paint (Humbrol 25).
3 Tins of Yellow Paint (Humbrol 74-linin).
Red Paint (Humbrol matt 60 mixed with 25% matt 70) 3 Tins of 60 and 1 Tin of 70 for inside Bulwarks.
1 Tin of Gold Paint.
1 Tin of Etching Primer (for use on brass parts before they are painted).

Recomended referance books

For the books I have used while building this Swan Class ship and others that are an excellent reference please visit The Book Store

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